What It Is


What It Requires


By participating in Foundations, you are committing to set aside a season of your life to grow in your relationship with God. You are making a choice to allow others to invest in your life, challenge you, encourage you, and hold you accountable. Your growth and transformation this year will be largely determined by you.; you will get what you put in, you will reap what you sow.


The application can be found here.


If you are committing to Foundations this year and trusting that God will transform your life this year, you need to create space in your life to grow. Our strong encouragement is for you to pray through the areas of your life that take up your time, energy and thoughts to see what could be sacrificed for a season. Pray about extracurricular activities, clubs, hobbies, media (books, tv, social media, magazines, secular music, games, etc.), alcohol consumption, etc.

Teachable Heart

We expect that you enter the school willing to learn and obey what is taught. A teachable heart is a key attribute of someone who desires growth and change in their walk with the Lord.

Matthew18:3 - And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Our heart attitude this year will be child-like in our willingness to learn, change, and listen to our Father.

Important Dates & Events

Weekly Class Time : 6-9:30pm on Tuesday evenings. Occasionally we will switch to another night during the week depending on speaker schedule.

  • September 27: Fall Semester Begins
  • Early November (Saturday): Outreach Day with ATS
  • December 13: Last Class of Fall Semester
  • January 17: Spring Semester Begins
  • April 4: Last Class of Spring Semester


$500 for new students, $900 for couples, $350 for former Training School Students

Tuition covers: director and staff stipends, honorariums & travel expenses for guest speakers, meeting space utilities (heat, electricity, etc.), books and supplies.


No more than 4 absences for the year


One full day outreach to a local city during for both the Fall and Spring

Time with God

Our goal is to make a commitment to spending time with the Lord every day.

Serving a Ministry

2 hours of service to a ministry in our church or doing outreach.

Bible Reading

Read through selections of the Old Testament and the New Testament.


Memorize a chapter of scripture each semester. Chapter TBD.


If students are consistently not meeting expectations (completing assignments or readings, paying tuition, exceeding absences, etc.), they must meet with ATS leadership to discuss their commitment to the school and options for how they can meet the expectations. If after the first meeting, they still are consistently not meeting expectations, they will meet again with ATS leadership to discuss the possibility of a transition out of the school based on their choices.